Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The World’s Ten Most Powerful Luxury Brands: 2011

LV number one in the chart
Millward Brown released its annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Brands, the list compared to last year all made pretty stellar gains. The three big reasons for this? Asia’s appetite for luxury, a commitment to heritage, and the savvy use of digital media.Check through to see the top ten luxury brands this year and why they deserve to be there:

1. Louis Vuitton’s Last year’s ranking: 1, Overall Brand Value: Up 23% to $24.312 billion
 2. Hermès Last year’s ranking: 2, Overall Brand Value: Up 41% to $11.917 billion 
 3. Gucci Last year’s ranking: 3,Overall Brand Value: Down 2% to $7.449 billion

4. Chanel Last year’s ranking: 4, Overall Brand Value: Up 23% to $6.823 billion

5. Cartier Last year’s ranking: 8, Overall Brand Value: Up 34% to $5.327 billion

6. Rolex Last year’s ranking: 6, Overall Brand Value: Up 11% to $5.269 billion

7. Hennessy (cognac) Last year’s ranking: 5,Overall Brand Value: Down 7% to $4.997 billion
8. Moët & Chandon (
champagne) Last year’s ranking: 7, Overall Value: Up 7% to $4.570 billion
9. Fendi Last year’s ranking: 9, Overall Brand Value: Up 7% to $3.422 billion

10. Burberry Last year’s ranking: Unranked, Overall Brand Value: Up 86%


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