Thursday, May 12, 2011

YES, I'm NOT sul6ana or Frankom or Ansam518!!

I think mako a7ad ma ye3arif ilSul6ana, Frankom & Ansam518 they are amazing bloggers and my favorite bs yesterday something happened pissed me off that when i went the EXPO. @ 360 mall and trying to take photos for the designers booth most of them stopped me and asked are ilsul6ana, Frankom & Ansam518...etc i said NO , i'm someone who loves to write , then they said no please we don't agree on take photos for our designs !!!!!

I know these three bloggers are amazing and really love what they are doing but yesterday i was sooo mad of some attitude some of the participator, they afraid that i might steal their designs but coming!! if one of the famous blogs took a photo and post it in their blog "thats mean i can't copy it and steal the design??"


Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Wai3 are u serious?!!!!!! tadreen shino 9idamteenii!!! ana akhith pics o chena il3eed ma egoloolii laish or why or who are u? bes sa3at gabel la abdi a9awer bes agolhum i am a blogger and wanna take some pics.. ma 9adaft a7ad e3tirath and if they do it's their loss!! bil 6agag ..7abeebtii 7ada 6awfay o ma chena 9ar shay try to pic the supportive and the positive ppl;p o inshallah entay ur gonna bes min il top bloggers o taksreen weyohum;p

Rainy said...

A9lan Ana ast7i a9awer I used to take one of my cuzin but she's not here anymore so ga el la I took picture I asked for a permission :( ,, bint elkuwait next time let's meet o be the photographer :p

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL weeeeee should rainy!! inshallah 3ala youm lema e9eer min hal suwalef ma3arith or shay we meeet!!!;p

Rainy said...

Okay my helper :p

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