Monday, May 16, 2011

Coverage: Hala Ramadan EXPO, AMAZING!

I've posted earlier about Hala Ramadan EXPO @ 360 mall  so i visited the Expo. Yesterday and i want to say one thing , BANAAAAT EL KUWAIT CREATIVE n STYLISH WOOOOW.

I was shocked from the amount of the amazing stylish dresses and jackets in every Booth i wanted to buy an item .

it worth going 9ij ena they exaggeration alittel bit in the prices bs yestahloon banat el deera , goodluck and Bravo ViVa for sponsoring the Expo.

My Boutique, Al Jabreya- B3 - str. 7- Build. 89, mob.: 99088517
The Boudoir Salon - Surra B 5- str. 1- Build. 1, Tel : 25335951/2
Sufi "Turkish Fine Art - Ms.Dana 66210010


Shather , al jaberiya - B 1a- build. 39- 1st floor . mob.: 94023309 - 66188852
The November Bakery - tel: 22253445, m: 97313310
i love them


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