Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dates Cola!

I received this photo due BBm but I don't know if it real or rumor , its show that Dubai will produce a Dates Cola.
وصلتني هالصورة عبر البلاكبيري ماسنجر بس مادري إذا صج ولا لا ان دبي راح تنتج كولا بطعم التمر


Esperanza said...

interesting i would like to taste that

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

meeeee kilish noooo:s

F. J. Bliss said...

LOL although I like dates and Cola, but i can't imagine the taste of those two mixed together.... ew... lol

Rainy said...

Esperanza: me too I would like to try it , bs I hope it will be a diet or a low caloriy drink
Bint elkuwait: ya3ni el vim too el 7eloo , Ana ra7 ameba present 7agich
F.j: I don't think it will be mixing .. I think it will be a like barbican with flavor

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