Monday, May 23, 2011

Burger Hub amazing service, Delecious Food 10/10

on Friday I went to Burger Hub to try out thier food and too be honest because im veggie i have never been thinking of trying their foods , i thought that they are specialists in meat and Burgers , but after my follow up to them in Twitter i discover that they offering too many selection of foods for Vegetarian people .
يوم الجمعة ذهبت لتجربة اكل مطعم برجر هب الذي لم اكن يوما افكر بالاكل فيه اعتقادا مني بان انهم مختصين باللحوم ولانني نبايته لم اكن متشوقه لتجربته ولكن بعد متابعتي لهم في تويتر ومراسلتهم لي مبينن ان هناك اكل للنباتين قررت ان اذهب لتجربته مع اختي اللحومية (اللحومية بقاموسي يعني تحب جميع انواع اللحوم) بالنسبة للاكل الي اخترته كان ووووووااااااوووو وبصراحة اول مره بالكويت اكل في مطعم ما احس بعده بتخمه (يعني اكل لذيذ وخفيف) اغلب المطاعم الي تقدم نفس نوعية الطعام وانت تاكل تحس بطعم دهـــــــــــــــــن بس برجر هب ابدا ابدا ما حسيت للاحساس تمتعت بكل لقمة.
the appetizers
 So i decided to go for the experience with my sister who loves to eat everything , all i could say about their food is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW .

mushroom stuffed 2.100 KD
Wazoo Fries 1.525 KD
Jalapeno Stuffed 1.250 KD

dish on the house
 it's the first time in Kuwait i enjoy eating the food without feeling my mouth full with oil , i didn't even felt heavy the food was delicious and you will not feel the taste of fat , although it is fried you will enjoy every bite. 
I Fall in love with this but i didnt ask about the name its potato stuffed with chesse and corn
My Viggie Burger i think their name BABY Bonaza 1.750
my sis Burger Baby 1.750 KD
    I Must  state that next to the magnificence of food the service was fantastic espically Joan also they gave us a dish on the house having a variety of types of cheese and potatoes were very tasty.

Burger Hub - Opposite Seif Palace - Tel : 22464818
Twitter : @BurgerHub


Gold Medal Ribbon said...

i looooooove burger hub>3 3awaaaaaaaaaaaaffffffiiiii;**

Rainy said...

Everybody loves burger hub .. aklhom 3ajeeb .. alah ye3afeech

F. J. Bliss said...

I think I should give BurgerHub another try ;)

Rainy said...

Why ? U didnt like it?

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