Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Georgetown CupCake Fabulous!

Frankom had a post about Georgetown CupCake so i decide to try them on so i chose the red Velvet and i let them chose the other which was Tirmasu.
 I could of say the red Velvet was the most delicious and mouth watering Cub cake i tried ever, the tirmasi was perfect but i liked the most the Velvet.
Red Velvet

 guyz you most try them on they are amazing , i ordered day earlier half dozen (6 pieces) for 4.500 kd plus one Kd delivery.
contact number:  65709992


Anonymous said...

Woos shakla yeshaweg.... I will try it enshalah

Rainy said...

You must try them , mashalah el taste shay 5ayal

Anonymous said...

shakil el velvet gawee:) 3alaich bel 3afya o it looks moist min el lam3a yum yum shawagtini ba6lib now bs el waqt met2akher hehe

Anonymous said...

chum ragamhum mu wathi7 bel box?

Rainy said...

I wrote down it's 65709992
The velvet mooo amazing lea beyond that , I recommend it ally you must try it, you will fall in love Ana a9lan in restrict diet foot Hathaway I ate 2 I couldn't resist it

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