Monday, May 16, 2011

Very Low Score for Benihana’s again!

Benihana’s again , again i think they need a serious renovation In their Staff this is so weird, one of the blogger Sunshine had a bad experience at Benihana’s! her post and what happend as the following:

The experience i’m talking about is not food related. It’s about what happened Thursday when my Mother, my baby sister (a 5 year old), and I went there for a late lunch. After we were done eating, my little sister had to use the restroom so my mom took her to the one in Benihana. When she was walking out she was leaning on the wall to step off the mini steps when her hand got jammed into the bathroom door.

She instantly started screaming because the bathroom door kept moving and pressing on her hand. My mom had to hold the door and lift her because every time she or the door moved, it would crush her hand. I heard them screaming so I ran and tried to get her hand out but we couldn’t. I called the manager for help and the entire Benihana staff came (everyone from the chef, to the waiters) and just watched.  Their only decent attempt at helping was when I asked the waiter to bring oil so we could try to get her hand to slip out (failed attempt).

We asked them to call for help (paramedics, and the emergency crew) they said they would but not one of them did. My mother was crying because it had been about 15 minutes and no help came. The door was slightly open and at the time I was the only person that could slip through without having it move so I did. I went to the other side and I saw her fingers.
They were an abnormal color (bluish purple) due to the fact that her blood circulation was cut off. I honestly thought they were going to have to amputate her hand and I just burst out crying. The best I could do was get her thumb out.
Then... one of the waiters threw a chopstick at me... Another one tried to get in but he couldn’t fit through the door so the door moved crunching on my sisters fingers. Another waiter walks in with a huge knife (i’m guessing it’s for cutting fish) and goes ‘don’t worry I will get you out’. My sister is already screaming and crying from the pain, she sees the knife, then passes out. She only gained consciousness when the door moved again to scream out.

25 minutes later no one showed up so my mother told me to get her bag and she called for help. Two minutes later a team of paramedics came, and managed to get her hand out . My mother was basically in tears, and the Benihana staff was just staring... As though watching a movie. Then we learned from the paramedics and from the person we talked to on (112) that no one in Benihana bothered to call for help. The paramedics wrapped her hand and then we rushed her to the E.R. There we learned from the doctor that her hand was not broken, only fractured (il7amdillah). 

her hand after she got it treated
The paramedics, 112 person, and the avenues police department were all kind enough to call and check up on what happened. As for the Benihana people... nothing! I tried to get the owner in Kuwait’s number through their facebook page and website but no one would give it to me.

I have never been more upset and angry. I understand that the staff are not medical people or locksmiths but when they neglect to do something as simple as call for help... it’s just appalling and immoral!  We aren't sure what to do and what procedures to take. Right now, we’re all just thankful that my sister’s ok.


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