Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will you pay more 400 KD for a Ripped T-shirt?

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in the past two years–Swedish glaciers in the Grand Palais, Courtney Love performing in a gas station, Karl Lagerfeld drinking Diet Coke out of a crystal goblet in Madison Square Park–but nothing’s so completely insane as this Balmain t-shirt.
 It’s $1,625 which mean more than 400 KD that’s $65 more than this Balmain leather bag , And it’s cotton; A cotton t-shirt with holes.I  think anyone can rip holes in the right place, and the fact that this cotton t-shirt costs as much as a Chanel bag is beyond absurd, with all due respect to Monsieur Decarnin. Unless the inside of it’s coated in gold leaf, whoever buys it is a wackadoo.

بصراحة انا شفت اشياء وايد مينونه من مصممي الازياء وعارضينها بس موضوع اني اشتري تي شيرت بقيمة 1625 دولار يعني ما يقارب 400 دينار كويتي شئ مبالغ فيه وخيالي فما بالكم اذا كان التي شيرت مقطع ومشقق !!! .. يعني تخيلوا ان سعر هالتي شيرت يعادل جنطة شانيل !!! والله اشتري الجنظة ابركلي .. ولا انتووو اشرايكم مو حده فسق ؟؟ وتفلسف 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

lol its sold out now they did 50% off

It piece of sh*, sorry, I dont think buying it will make the person more into fashion, as you said you can many stuff in that price, bag, accessories, what ever is good!

Anonymous said...

you can buy*

Rainy said...

ims85: yea Balmain has amazing other stuff like the their Jackets are unique bs ripped t-shirt for more than 400 kd lish inshalah!!

iyaa said...

hathe wel T-shirt emshagag wo 400 KD 3ayal lo kan 9a7i cham se3ra ?!!

Rainy said...

iyaa: looooooooool eeee walah chan 9ar eb myloon

Katkoota xD said...

loool '3l6aneen ,, enshallah ma ashtrii T-shirt mshagag b 400 KD 3la bu 3laiih esim m9amem msh,hoor !!

Shno ma 3ndi mo5 xD ashtri li jan6a aw shay thani 3la goltich wayed a7sn xD

Rainy said...

katkoota: ee waalaaa o el meshkela fee nas chethi , bs wala agi9 1000 kd 3ala bag bs shay yeswaaa moo 5erja emga6i3a

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