Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cambridge Satchel bag "I love it"

I fall in love with these bags , its Cambridge Satchel Company bags you you can find them on ASOS , i must mention that these trendy bags comes in 4 sizes 11, 13 , 14 , 15; so it will be amazing for work , college, ,meetings,and hanging out also what i like about it is the bright colors that they offer and the fashionable style.

Cambridge Satchel Company size 15"
15" A true messenger bag - great for teens, students and professionals alike. Many laptop computers fit in this satchel. 15" along top, 10" height, 4" depth.

105 £

105 £

Cambridge Satchel Company size 14" Satchel

14" This will hold A4 sheets. The perfect choice for children aged 7 and up that need to accommodate a school bookbag within their school bag. This is a very versatile satchel and will suit most purposes. 14" along top, 10" height, 3" depth.



Cambridge Satchel Company size 13" Satchel
13" Perfect for children under 8 years old who don't need to carry a school book bag within their satchel. Also for a slightly bigger adult bag. 13" along top, 9" height, 3" depth.

Cambridge Satchel Company size 11" Satchel
11" A lovely first satchel or equally a very trendy handbag. The long, fully adjustable strap makes the satchel equally suited to both adults and children. 11" along top, 8" height, 2.25" depth.

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3 comments: said...

WOw! we just read this post! & it is starting to get scary! we are getting the bags very soon as well! but in the fluorescent colors! Their orders take 3-5 weeks to process so we are waiting in anguish! & Rainy think the same! I guess birds of a feather flock together;)

Rainy said...

loooooool really its scary and amazing i think Panacheous will be my dreaming online shop , watch out im afraid i will be broke soon lol .. please i must be the 1st who will know about them i fall in love with these bags and to be honest i don't like to order from over seas online shop.

Wohnungsräumung said...

دومااا موفقين لكل ما هو قيم

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