Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apple unveils iMessage the competitor to BBM

It’s here, the moment BlackBerry owners been waiting for since the original iPhone launched: iMessage. Apple has just announced its new data-based push messaging service at WWDC, which looks to be a full-on competitor to the venerable BBM. This service works on an iOS device of any flavor, and lets you send text messages, photos, videos, and contacts to anyone else with one too. It also supports group chats and integrates with the new Notification Centerin iOS 5. According to Tim Cook, it “works over WiFi or 3G, in case you were wondering,” which is yet another blow for RIM. The final nail in the coffin for those of you who simply ‘can’t live without BBM:’ delivery and read confirmations. LINK!

I wish if there is a PIN for the iphone or ipad so we can have a littel privacy with who we want to chat with also the iMessage i think its an update for the What's aap? do you think?


Danial123 said...

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Rainy said...

what do you mean?

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