Friday, June 24, 2011

New Trends By Nails Cafe!

  last week i went to Nail Cafe i did the VIP badicare & manicare for 20 KD ; the workers was funny and laughing which is a good thing but did i like their work to be honest no i gave them 6 out of 10 i think they need more training because i fall in love with the decoration even the nail polish colors . lets say they just open o inshalah there will be improvement.
my nail polish
what is different in the Nail Cafe?? ummm i think the place idea where you can gather with your friends and do your nails without anyone rushing you , also the create their own nail polis trends, see the follow photos.


Piscean said...

I tried them last week as well..Didn't like them either :/

Rainy said...

7aram wala 3ad the place is amazing bs they need professional pedi&mani staff

رورو الشخبوطة said...

شغلهم مو مضبوط ..

كان اودي جربه وكنت ناطرته بس لما شفت صوره ماتشجعت ماحسيت سبشل ويسوى لعنوه + تجاربكم ماتشجع

عموما نعيما :)

Rainy said...

لازم تجربينهم بنفسج لان أنا بصراحة ما جربت غير البديكير و المنكير وماعجبني وايد بس يقولون عندهم بديكير خاص لمرضي السكر .. عموما حاولي تروحين وتجربين شي يديد وقوليلي رايج وراح انشره ... بس اذا تبين تشترين صبغ اظافر تري عندهم خوش ألوان .. مشكورة لمرورج

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