Monday, June 20, 2011

We Are All One "kelna el kuwait"

It kills me when i see those kind of videos but we must never forgot the people who gave the souls to our loving amazing country, its a reminder to the others that KUWAIT is over el kel , alah yer7am shohada2na.
Kelena Wa7id (slang word means we are all one) Kuwaiti campaign started by AVALITE & Cinemagics Kuwait was born to fight sectarian strife .. To maintain stability .. we only have one country and one community what ever was your religious identities, We are all one .. GOD Protect Kuwait.

 كلنـــا واحـــد .. حملة كويتية وُلدت لمحاربة الفتن الطائفية .. لـلمحافظة على استقرارنا .. وطننا واحــد .. طائفتنا واحــده .. كـلنا واحـــد


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