Monday, June 27, 2011

Me Like it: My Future Home!

 when see this house from outside view you will think it's not worth expolrering but once you enter you will be you enter another world!!
i love the small places that you can decorate them in very creatice way also i love having my own swimming pool away from the sun heat; so i won't get BBQ tan :P ..
Don't you love, i hope i will have my own home with the same decoration , so cozy, isn't ??


Abdul-Aziz said...

wow the pool is amazing

Rainy said...

if i have this home i wouldn't want to go out

iyaa said...

betich el mostaqbili 7elo bs fee some things need to be changed :)

1. el sagf chenna sagf pizza hut

2. teshofeen el armchair elli 9ob el pool mukana ghala6 mmken elli yeg3ad 3lih ye6eeh bel pool :S

3. bel pic # 2 fi muwa3een em3alliga 3al 6ofa (9ob el yesar), mukanhom bel ma6bakh...

4. elbait men barra (hadam) yabela tasnee3shway :P

Rainy said...

راضيه في مواعينه و سقف بيتزا بس خل يحصلي ... مادري منو الي اول ما شاف البيت من بره قال الله من برا احلى من داخل يا ام مواعين لووووول

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