Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Creative IYAA!!

i asked my colleuges IYAA to do a banner for me , o 3goob sa3a o 7ana she decided to have time to re design my banner and see what she gave me!!

 loooooool " IYAA 7asbalich ra7 a6ofha i told you wala i will revenge back"


iyaa said...

entay lish chethi fthe7aaa :\

heheh bas wallah ana creative 7tta shofay entay blogech rains wo el 9ora rains, et7ebben el fashion wo ana 7a6atlich banat :P

Rainy said...

with all my respect to the indian girls , but I'M KUWAITY and i like FASHION not sarry :S also i HATE ORANGE,, MA A7BICH

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