Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nails Cafe Opens This Saturday!

In March i posted a subject about Nails Cafe wondering about the different in that shop and what is the concept of it and i was lucky to have a reply from the company that supervising and owning the project Envision design & contracting and they said that the idea or concept is to create a classy space where trendy girls can gather over a coffee and have manicure or pedicure treatment.Envision is the company who has developed the concept of Nails Cafe for a high profile client.

So i read in iLsul6ana  that the Cafe Will Open this Saturday , i think i will pass by with my friends to spoil ourself.


Anonymous said...

Wain 9ayer

Rainy said...

مقابل مطعم فيلا فيروز ومطعم ريوق في منطقة الشعب البحري

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