Sunday, June 12, 2011

Me Like It: Walkin Closet 1st Anniversary!

 I was invited to the Walkin Closet 1st Anniversary in their shop at Burj Jassim so i went with my niece Latofa to stop by to buy some unique items! and the Gifts and treats are given with any purchase also they offer a limited edition items which are made specially for our first anniversary by Lauren Moshi and CYKAS.

 i love the Hat Look how cute she is! with the goodie gifts ,and in her right hand the Multi colors turbans. what i love about walking closet that they have unique pieces you could wear them on pair jeans and you will look stylish , Do i recommend to visit the shop? YES , highly recommended

i liked the small details
woow i love these details

tiger braclet ummmm luv it
i love this jacket but it was small
Horoscope braclets , nice gift for birthday
t-shirt and training suit

my niece trying which sunglass to buy
finally she bought that one for 85 Kd
heavy duty heels i fall in love with the orange
more glasses , its kuwait we must have many collection of sunglasses

cases for ipad and iphones
our purchase
our goodie gift ,, yummy candy
bye bye sure i will come again


Walkin Closet Boutique said...

Wooooooooooow! That's amazing post covering the celebration:)

We will definitely have it on Walkin Closet official blog:)

Rainy said...

Thank for sharing , glad u like it

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