Sunday, June 26, 2011

Event: storytelling event @ That AL-Salasil

i'm really happy of seeing that the poeple gave more attention to the small kids; im my age we wasn't that important so no one would do any Free Activity for us, so seeing all of this fade away and hearing that That AL-Salasil the (bookstore at Avenuse) held an amazing event for our littel flow was such an amazing good news , i love kids and i would do anything to see a smile from one of them so imagine at the Storytelling event there were 35 kids smiling and happy for a 1.5hr started at 4pm.
In the beginning they started interacting with the kids and then read the story after that Mrs.Diana the one who intracting with the kids asked them to draw what they understood from the story,
the Story Teller
At last the teachers choose 2 best drawings one for a girl and one for a boy and THAT AL SALAS IL gave them a gift for each winner.
the lovely Hiba AL-Mansour

Bravo That AL-Salasil for the simple event with huge impact, and thank you for the beatiful Hiba AL-Mansour for sharing the news; i wanted to come so badly but i didnt have any child with the age that they require please next time make an event for teenager so i can take me niece as excuse to attend ;)


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