Monday, June 6, 2011

Pass By Life with Cacao to support the kuwaiti talent!

I believe that kuwait has a very talented young people and they just need the support to shine up, and that what Life With Cocao decide to do is supporting the young people, its fact that i still frustrated from Life With Cocao about what happend earlier BUT supporting my people let me put everything on side and clap my hand to them.
so as everybody heard that Life With Cocao @ 360 Mall every two weeks adopt a smaller business (Kuwaiti) who has his/her own creation recipe ,provide this opportunity for others is a job well done.

Anyway for next two week they will featured The Fayeel By Bedoor Burhama, its a chocolate cone with an oreo base filled with chocolate and cheese sauce. Guyz show support and believe that the positive and the negative comments will benefits her.


LadyB said...

I tried bedour sweets before, and this sweet in particular very average :/

Rainy said...

I'm going to try it next weekend and i will let you know about my review, m3 ena i lost my appetite to the heavy chocolate, meta you tried it?

LadyB said...

You can order it home delivery she makes mini versions of it

Rainy said...

really , i never heard about her but i think i will try it on the weekend

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