Monday, June 6, 2011

Memories: The red & Yellow Flowers!

I love the red & Yellow Jory it has an amazing memories in my life, just seeing them made me Smile. I spotted them today at Dean and Deluca and I couldn't resist not to take a phote.Dedicated to the Good Times.


iyaa said...

enzeen lish ma6ala3tena ana wo huda bel 9ora ?? :P
entay et9awreen wo e7na endawrech :S

P.S. ana akhatht min elward elli 3alyesar ta7at for my mom :) lona 7elo

Rainy said...

looool wala kent 7ady sar7ana bel flowers o ento madry wain re7tooo ... yala kel 3am o ur mom eb alf khair

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