Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Event: Danderma's Signing Book @ 52 Degrees

  I Was invited by Danderma for launching her new hilarious book ‘The Chronicles of Dathra, A Dowdy Girl from Kuwait: Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra with 52 Degrees
Danderma's signing my book
 As usual i came late around 8ish so you can guess i missed the speech anyway zain la7agt 3ala Danderma mashalah there was very long line waiting for her sign, anyway i met this smiling lady and im glad i did "she was nice and her face is shining with happiness".

People you don't know how happy i am when i see our kuwaiti young authors achieving their dreams. Guys go ahead we are so proud of all of you , and Danderma inshalah there is a bigger future waiting for you but keep going , i will support you till the end. 
 As Q8Path the 52 degrees launches the new educational library which combined of all Kuwaiti authors. In today’s press there were eight new books were added by 52 Degrees. I would like to thanks Danderma for the invitation and nice seeing The Side Talk, Lady b, FroyoNation and the Lovely Mai AL-Subaie from ViVa Telecommunication.
**UPDATE: Danderma book SOLD OUT "Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya dathra" if you want your book tweet by @danderma! New shipment will arrive tonight to 52 Degrees


Danderma said...

oooh you have a picture of the line... I never saw that 7safa o mako wayed 9owar ...

Thank you sweetheart for everything, and for the post... you are amazing wallah :*

Rainy said...

Don't mentioned it .. a9lan i wished if i could do more!! bs inshalah yala next time ... keep going girl

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