Sunday, June 5, 2011

Danderma's book signing, Who's Going?

Ladies & gentlemen, the wait is finally over, please mark your calendars, for our sweet blogger Danderma, the author of the hilarious book ‘The Chronicles of Dathra, A Dowdy Girl from Kuwait: Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra’..The book signing is here!! Dress to impress, come along, get your copy, get it signed, and enjoy reading. Thank The Side Talk I've copied ur post, you have said what I want to write. Who's going?

When&Where: at 52 Degrees, located in Al-Tilal Mall, Shuwaikh, this Tuesday at 7 pm.


Gold Medal Ribbon said...

i'll Try to make ittttttt!!

Rainy said...

Nooo u must come first to support this amazing lady second cuz I want to meet u

Danderma said...

Thank you rainy... see you there insha2 Allah o I hope Gold medal ribbon will be able to make it :D

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