Saturday, June 18, 2011

Late Suprise B'day Party!

On Wednesday I was sick so decided to go to hospital fa 6abi3i i was late to work. anyway when i was at hospital taking the medication my colleague called me and told me i have to come to work in urgency meeting call "i was like daaaaaaaaaah im wearing Jeans oops" , anyway i went back to work and find they are doing .....
 a Late Suprise birthday party while my birthday was in Feb but they felt guilty because i was new employee so wagtha nobody 3abarney :s so they wants to make up for me 
happy birthday to me

who want some??
woooohoooo cooking book , i love cooking
Love you Guyz


iyaa said...

esh7alatni bel e9war bs lo adri bet766en le9war kent bakshekh :P hehe

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Happy late birthday 7abeeeeebtii!!;*** o 3oqbaal il 100000 sena inshallah!!;**

Rainy said...

IYAA: urgent meeting haaaa , 5aba9teny a5eer shay surprise party o a9lan moo my birthday

bint el kuwait: fedaitich thank you 7abebty

RuBY_GLooM said...

Happy Belated birthday dear :** el 3omr kila inshallah :D

Rainy said...

Ruby: thank you dear , wanasa amazing feeling that having 2 birthdays :D

Mohd said...

Thats so nice of them.

Happy Late Birthday :)

Rainy said...

Mohd: yea I loved it, el7amdalah 7elw enk etkon ma7boob bel dawam, thank u bro

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