Sunday, June 19, 2011

That AL-Salasil hosting a Free Event for Kids!

 THAT AL SALASIL  @ Avenuse hosting a story telling event for the age from 4-6 years old on SAT the 25th of JUNE, The Event will include coloring activity too snacks and more. The event is free of charge. wooow amazing idea, i would love to attend bs unfortunately we don't have kids at home :S, ely beroo7oon please update me.
مكتبة ذات السلاسل (الافنيوز) تستضسف فعالية قراءة قصة للاطفال من عمر 4-6 سنوات وذلك يوم السبت الساعه 25 من يونيو والفعالية تتضمن رسم و ووجبات خفيفة , جميعه بالمجان


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