Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Benihana "poor marketing tools"

Everyone know by now that Blog 2:48am being sued by the Las Palmas Restaurant Company who own Benihana and Subway in Kuwait regarding the Post of his personal opinions "where he said the pros and cons". My opinion, came too late, but I did not expect that the case will take long , i predicted the bubble will disappear fast.

 Anyway I always like to try new restaurants even if there was a negative view of them, TBH  after Mark's Post I decided  to visit the restaurant and trying their food , but after finding out they have raised a case against A BLOG "a personal site written opinions without imposing" it's disappointment .

Com'n Kuwait is a democratic country and we can criticize the political!! how we can not criticize the restaurants?? .  Do I have to write my point of view in a hypocritical?? ... Or they want me to write my opinion and send it to the critical point and wait for their approval to publish it???

AT THE END I would like to mention that I did not hear about the
Benihana in Kuwait, espically we have Much better Kuwaity Resturant like OISHII BUT I Heard about them by Mark "guyz u must thank them instead of suing". 

If i were working at the marketing & PR of Benihana's i will do the followig with Mark:
 Stage One:
- Free invitation to mark and his wife to try the same food again.
- Choosing the best cooker to server them.
Stage Two:
- 20% discount to mark's reader to try out the food in specific date and called 2:48am night.


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