Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"® Brand Bazaar" Hard Luck

I wrote in my blog a week ago about the bazaar, which takes place every period and I was very excited to go because in last times i went there I found many amazing bargains deals for amazing stuff like jimmy choo and Lounge Designer's , but unfortunately this year I couldn't  find something special as the last years , there was no shoes ,bags or even jewelery .

Do you know what struck me more than anything that there were FAKE jewelery (Chanel-Fendi-Juicy Couture) !! I THOUGHT the idea of ​​the exhibition to be a bazaar or outlet for international brands, how there were FAKE JEWERLY?? i think they lost there concept to collect some money.

Anyway i just bought nice beach flat for 10 KD from Lounge Designer's. 


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