Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW: Horse Hoof Shoes

Cheltenham’s racegoers are more interested in fashion than in horses, however, this year a curious combination of both seem to be the latest equestrian chic.A team of fashion designers commissioned by Betfair created a pair of high heel ‘horses’ hooves’ to mark the occasion for Cheltenham National Hunt Festival’s 100th anniversary, Sold at 1 300 £ (2 080 €) a pair, the choice can be made between three pairs of ankle and knee-length hoof shoes, a “perfect accessory for racing fans who want to stand out from the crowd” as Betfair describes them.

The hooves are made from carbon fiber and decorated with natural horse hairs (at least 5 000 of them), closing with a black zipper. The model who wore them on the catwalk, Louise Dainton, describes them as very comfortable, so no worry for the feet of the fashionists brave enough to accessorize with eccentric hooves.

Imagine this Fashion come's to Kuwait , it will be hilarious.


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