Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Look Website: Wataniya Airways

Wataniya Airways relaunched its website to provide guests and visitors with improved services and more information about flight schedules and other Wataniya Airways products. The brand new website, focuses on giving guests and visitors the same high quality service on the web as Wataniya Airways does in the air. 

The new website has revised navigation making it easier to find the most popular information, clearer pricing and scheduling information to make it more user-friendly and more dynamic content on Wataniya Airways’ list of destinations and special offers. Guests can also use the website to manage their travel arrangements online, book and amend bookings, check-in and if they are a member of Wataniya Diwan, the airline’s frequent flyer programme, manage their account and redeem miles online.
Click here to visit the new website.


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