Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baked Restaurant @ 52 Degrees

 last week i went with my work colleagues IYAA and Huda to Baked Restaurant at 52 degrees and i was my first visit to 52 degrees i liked the place it was cozy and the workers were welcoming so i decide to eat Frobie only which ive already post about it and my colleagues decide to have a lunch at BAKED.

 So they ordered Spicy BBQ Burger, Chicken Fettucine A , and Cola and thier review about was AMAAAAZING , for the Burger Huda gave 10/10 and for the Fettucine IYAA gave 9/10.
Spicy BBQ Burger for 3.750
the burger from inside

Chicken Fettucine A 3.400 KD
In total i liked the whole atmosphere and the food was decorated very well and the taste was amazing , i fall in love with the Potato fries was super amazing also the waitress was so friendly and welcoming,.
their selection of dessert
The total price was 7.850 KD which is fordable but the only thing i didn't like that their dessert not for Take Away becasue of the plates that they used , i wanted to try the red velvet but i was full so i wanted to take it for a take away but they said its for inside order sooo pleaseeeeeeee activate the take away method because your dessert unresistable, shall i recommend the place ? definitely YES


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