Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't call # 113 anymore !!

i just informed that badalyat el sa3a # 113 (telephone service to inquire about the time) delay the kuwait time one hour back , i just tried to call the number at the 12:45 pm and the answer machine said that the time is 11:45pm , shelsalfa??? Thanx Jay for the information 

**update: they fixed the time and add 6 minuted more o foog hatha  they add  indian english speaker with all my respect to the indian people BUT WE ARE IN KUWAIT the speaker most be Kuwaity!!!


Frankom said...

منو يدق عليهم ههههه ؟ انا اصلا مستغرب ان الخدمة للحين موجودة

Rainy said...

loooool eee wala bs 3yal el kuwait mashalah 3alihom ma y6oofhom shay

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