Thursday, June 2, 2011

Viva Rock! The 2nd Social Media event

 yesterday i was invited by VIVA Telecom to the second Social Media event it took place at 360 Mall  so when i reached with my older sister Wishes i figures that we were invited for the Premier of X-men: First Class.
However, It was nice seeing all the bloggers, His & Hers "so nice couple god bless them",  The Side Talk Blog& Moodypanties the tanned girls, P0ach the Hyper Man and thank you Q8Blend and 360Dewan for breaking the ice and interduce yourself so nice of you guyz AND LadyB  next time see your twitter before you left i wanted to see :( , anyway next time enshalla i will see all.
ViVa Speech

 As for the movie as His & Hers & Q8Blend says we hated the censoring, i can't judege the movie because i dont like actions movie but it was great that we are the 1st who saw the movie because the movie have not been released yet in the USA, and this is considered to be the first time to happen in Kuwait .

Thanks to VIVA very much your really made our day , we broke the routine of our daily life and special thanks to beautiful lady from viva May Subaie for her invitation to the event and Viva thank you again for the highly spirit of hospitality you showed. 

  Lots of goodies were there including giving away a bag full of useful stuff from Viva. The food was from Fauchion (yummy but im on diet so i didnt eat anything) , but i couldnt resist the Ice Cream from Red mango "i tried Vanilla flavor with raspberry was yummmyyy"

the goodie bag

Red Mango Staff

 finally i must talk about what did i wear for the event , blue jeans from Zara and H&M shirts with my belt, heels and 2 bracelet from Fendi also my Green bag from Bimba and Lola. also i got a sketch to my face from the Professional Caricature drawing Arstist Mrs. Matari, my nose so tiny , for the people who saw me , is this looking like me???


Anonymous said...

The tanned girls !! lol

Rainy said...

moodypanties: i know you now next time i going to say hi

Mohd said...

Awesome coverage for the event :)

It was nice meeting u & ur sister ( Hi sis ) & inshallah we will meet again in the future.

Rainy said...

MHD from Q8blend: thank you very much , inshalah sure we will meet again actually she's preparing for an event for the bloggers so u will be in the 1st of the list ;)

omarker said...

AWESOME Coverage Dear ..Hope To meet you next time =)

Rainy said...

Omaker: thank you very much .. Inshalah sure next time we most meet.

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