Thursday, May 5, 2011

GIFT: Electronic Butterfly in a Jar!

My friend was appointed in a new job so I was looking for a special gift that she can put it on her desk office, And guess what did i find?
Electronic Butterfly in a Jar for 19.99 $

i found that amazing gift at ThinkGeek anyway when we were kids, we liked putting butterflies in jars so we could keep them forever and ever. But sometimes they always died.  That's why we got so excited when we saw this Electronic Butterfly in a Jar.

Each Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is a jar with a wire in it. The wire has a fake butterfly on the end. Somehow, when you tap the top or make a loud sound, the electronics in the cap make the wire wiggle. This creates the very realistic illusion of the butterfly flittering around your jar.

so what do you think about it?


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