Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Want to Travel to new Countries?

i liked to explorer new Countries, i bored of travelling to the same counteries while the worlds is bigger than we thought so i found a abook talks about the Best in Travel 2011 – the best places to go and things to do all around the world right now! Drawing on the knowledge, passion and miles traveled by Lonely Planet’s staff, authors and online community, we present a year’s worth of travel inspiration to take you out of the ordinary and into some unforgettable experiences.
  • Lonely Planet ranks the top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2011.
  • The best travel experiences for the year ahead, from the opening of New York’s September 11 Memorial to flamenco classes in Andalucía
  • Over 35 events mapped out month by month in the 2011 travel planner.
So i recommend this book to the people how want to explorer new places with the one they love so if you hear the name of that country you will remember the good memories. shop the book


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