Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Fake Lashes!

i love the fake lashes i could've of say i tried all kind of fake of lashes untill i found my heaven destanation which is Ardell Lashes if you know how to put them at home as i did it will be great but if you dont you can go to any salon they will put them for 1 or 2 KD .
The stay on the eye for 3-4 days , you shouldnt wash your eyes or even Cry :P. where to find them? at al Nasae'em in salmiya infront of al sama7 paharamacy , how much? 1.500 KD for the pair but i prefer a Dozen which will be 1.250 for the pair so the total 18.750.
i must mention that the dozen might stay for two month depends of the way you take care of the lashes.


Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Gonna try them!;)

Rainy said...

If you love lashes they are amazing at least you give your real lashes a break from mascara.

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