Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mariella Burani on Sale @ Jashanmal

On Friday I was invited on my friend's daughter birthday party so I decided to buy the gift on the same day, and I wanted to buy the bracelet from Fendi that you wrote about it before , but what i forgot that AL-Salhiya is closed on Friday so i headed to Jashanmal.
 Anyway the good thing that there is Sale up to 50% on Janshanmal , so i noticed that there a Sale on the Italian designer Mariella Burani items.
So i bought 2 colorful skirts their price around 109 KD but after Sale i got them for 24KD each


LadyB said...

Loved the flowery skirt, malboos el3afya :**

Rainy said...

alah y3afich dear what i liked the most about flowery skirt is that el 5am mix between shefon and cotton.

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