Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kate Middleton Steps Out in a Zara Dress!

Kate Middleton Steps Out in an $89 Polyester Zara Dress the Day After the Wedding, she was photographed on Saturday wearing a blue pleated Zara dress that retails for $89.90.  The simple frock is currently on Zara’s website, so it must have been a recent purchase–perhaps one made on Kate’s recent high street shopping spree.  But now that she’s a Duchess, we figure Kate can afford to mix some high in with the low.

I suspect this dress won’t be around Zara for much longer, so run out and grab a piece of history and get the MESSAGE being stylish dosn't mean spending alot of money !! Source!


Mademoiselle said...

i love how down to earth she is, being with a royal didn't change her shopping sense or fashion sense. she's an inspiration to "be yourself"

Rainy said...

Yea you are right the message to be yourself and wear what ever you like no matter how much u spent said...

it also shows you its about the physique not the label! if you r in good shape, anything looks $$ on you ;) everyone hit the gym now ;p

Rainy said...

Panacheous ur right but comin' she toooooooo thin , anything will fit her :p

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