Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY: Ramadan Neg9a "gift"

Every Ramadan mom gives me the mission of creating "Ramadan Neg9a", so for this Ramadan I wanted to change the idea of nig9a a little bit so I decided not to send any food or desert so I went to mubarkiya to get the inspiration; first I went to the boxes shop.

Here where you can find amazing boxes with affordable prices; u can use them for neg9a, gifts, gergi3an, and there are huge boxes for brides to put their stuff, anyway then I saw mesabi7 shop so I bought one for ,500 fils.

Then I saw another shop selling very tiny mob5ar so why not?

I got my inspiration my new neg9a will be About perfumes and be5oor cuz mom is a huge fan of all kind of perfumes and bo5oor.

So I put them all together with very tiny holy Quran, tiny perfumes from Amal Al-Kuwait and b5oor from al shi3.

This was the outside look, mom what mad why green but really I can't help I'm in love with every green items in the world, and this is the final look.

What do u think?


BeRo0Q8 said...

ya36eech al3afyaa o maga9rtaaai
i loved the idea Really !!

Rainy said...

Glad u love it , huni wala mubarkiya the best

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