Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Challenge: I'm not a Book Worm!

 im not a book worm .. i hate reading .. i hate the book smell.. i think that the book is waste of time ya3ni you could read the last 10 pages and you will understand the whole story like the Turkish series .. i know im wrong and reading is a blessing ..whatever!! but this me .. i respect the writers or the nerd :P really i respect their power in controlling their minds ...

by now you are think what the hell shes talking about?? okay, i will make it short .. im a member at "Crush it" which i posted about it earlier ... anyway they put us under Challenge to read the crush book and post about it and as i said before i don't like reading  BUT i'm a very competitor person i will die just to win or to be in the challenge ....
 sooo i was thinking do we have another source of knowledge other than book and reading long lines like what im doing now "i swear i will make it short next time" ... so i remember that we are in 2011 so we have Iphones and videos and so i start to download the Daily Grape application on my Iphone to start watching the videos

what is the Daily Grape app.? its a application showed how is Gary Vaynerchuk passion to his business in wine production .. i know alcholo is haram in our religious but the im not foucsing the product it self as much as the how he transformed his passion into wine and media as marketing channel.

all what im thinking is that in one video he is marketing to many things , twitter, apple store, wines, apple products...etc ... look how clever he is!! i just believe in what he said that:
"The social media revolution has changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business." ..  i will watch the videos then i will keep posted about what i learn and feel .. i must mentioned that i have a big surprise so stay tuned


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