Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Travel: Goa - India

Last February (2010) I traveled to Goa "India" with my family; goa is one of the finest beach destinations of the world... u can never be tired or bored of these beaches each one a different experience,the water sports near the shores are just fascinating,,and if are youth you will love being here,,special dishes, are mouthwatering, and amazing , in total Goa is a simple and active area you can do anything, anytime and anywhere  ..also the you will see in the end you didn't spend alot of money (very costless)

my borther n his wife room cost 25 kd per day so cheap
Compliment from the hotel to my brother bs i7na m7d 3abrna
Someone mansion
No comment ya3ni come look at my shop
Food for take away ... Kan rice and dagoos .. Alah yekarim el n3ma

Elephant in the street


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