Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zero Degrees


Yesterday, i went to Zero Degrees…The new kuwaity frozen yogurt  cafe in Jabriya!.. the Zero Degrees is a new Kuwaiti concept store (not a franchise) selling frozen yogurt in many flavors with their slogan – Taste Your Imagination.

They have plenty flavors like kiwi, Lightly Lemon, Wild Berries, El Macho Mango, Moby Melon, pomegranatewith fresh toppings (exactly like pinkberry) besides that they offer parfait, fruit salad, smoothies, and coffees/teas.

 I tried the original with pineapple and kiwi with coconut … let me tell you something it taste light and amazing frankly I have a sensitive stomach and I've always complained that the pinkberry causes me UPSET stomach, but Zero degrees was amazing i could of eat Double Large size.

its worth going  i must metioned that they have places to sit down its not take away concept , in total the  atmosphere benefit for people who are interested in going out to places not tired in the confusion, and the more I liked the shop owner was there he is a young kuwaiti man he was trying hard to communicate with customers, Good Luck

BTW they don't have K-Net , in case you dont have cash money :P

working hours: from 4pm to 11 pm

Location: Jabriya Block 1A – opposite Miss Champions.


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