Thursday, December 9, 2010


 Domestic Violence Against Children in the Arab world, Needed to be BANNDED NOW

I watched a interview with  Saudi girl
experienced domestic violence from her own family , she tried to commit suicide and went to sleep in the street after her family Abandoned her because she suffered from mental illness.

This is very embarrassing  with my respect for my Saudis , my point is that the Saudi Arabia instead of thinking in the auto industry "Ghazal", they must consider the rights of Saudi women and children beacuse recently have been increasing incidents of the Domestic Violence against children especially in Saudi Arabia, and general in Arab world. We must have deterrent laws against Domestic violence .Look at the video of "true story" provide by al i5barya channel , Nawafith program Press Here To See the Video
I hope we start a campaign under logo D V A C


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